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Many alumni have mentioned that they miss Destiny’s Deep Sea from the Dana Review.  That was often the only place they would find out if a classmate had passed away or if classmates had positive changes in their lives.  In an attempt to get some of that information to you, the Danish American Archive and Library has provided the following list of deaths that they have been made aware of since the closing of Dana.  They will continue to update us with this information. 
If you have any news to include in the next Destiny’s Deep Sea, please let us know by contacting Ellen Andrews Fischer ('61).
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Thomas Nielsen, class of 1974

George Nelsen, class of 1964

Carole (Madsen) Dickson, class of 1962

Norma (Nelson) Stone, class of 1958

Herbert Anderson, class of 1953

Naomi (Bach) Sherlock-Harrington, class of 1953

Dick Dankert, class of 1953

Amy Andersen, class of 1950

C. Arthur Christiansen, class of 1949

Ried Neve, class of 1948 & Trinity Seminary 1951

William Hanson, class of 1944 & Trinity Seminary 1949

Elaine (Jespersen) Christensen, class of 1942

Grace (Hansen) Pearson, class of 1942


Ted Bansen, class of 1989

Janice (Madsen) Grindle, class of 1972

Natalie (Petersen) Carlsen, class of 1952

Melius Bollesen, class of 1952 & Trinity Seminary 1956

Paul Laursen, class of 1951

C.I. “Jerry” Lund, class of 1949 & Trinity Seminary 1952

Doris (Johnson) Nelson, class of 1948

Deloris (Hansen) Bengtson, class of 1947

Allan Hansen, Trinity Seminary 1944

Alma (Madsen) Petersen, class of 1922

Bee Krantz, former staff member

Dale Matson, former staff member


Douglas Lemon, class of 1981

Douglas Falke, class of 1961

Keith Jensen, class of 1956

Norlan Hanson, class of 1949 & Trinity Seminary 1952

Paul C. Johnsen, class of 1949 & Trinity Seminary 1952

Arthur Sorensen, class of 1949 & Trinity Seminary 1952

Eunice (Petersen) Neve, class of 1949

Ordell (Olson) Witte, class of 1949

Persis (Pedersen) Hanson, class of 1946

Ruth (Nielsen) Jeppesen, class of 1945

Ruth (Hansen) Petersen, class of 1941


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